San Arawa The Value of what's essential

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We are an Argentine fishing company whose main activity involves catching hoki, Southern blue whiting and Patagonian toothfish and processing it on board.

We operate in the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean, where the waters are characteristically pure, given the lack of pollution. We want to provide our clients with a constant supply of top-quality, frozen-at-sea products.

We believe excellence is obtained through the know-how we gain from the effort and commitment of our people, our constant improvement of processes and our investment in state-of-the art fishing technologies, as well as teamwork, respect and ethical integrity in every aspect of our business.

We believe that we must aspire to respecting the environment and intervening appropriately in the ecosystems where our species develop. We think about the future because it is the only way in which we can guarantee the continuity of our current industrial activity and the health and availability of fishing resources for the generations to come.

We are convinced that the real difference is made by people; this is why we trust on our trained and committed staff to make sure your relationship with San Arawa exceeds all your expectations.


Protein, fats, vitamins and minerals from fish, as part of a balanced diet, are much healthier than those from red meats. For a good health, experts recommend eating fish four or five times a week.

Future consumers will be much more demanding in terms of quality and food sourcing, and of the reputation of the companies that provide them.

This is why our goal is to be a seafood company that will stand the test of time; a company the children of our grandchildren will still talk about. A company that our customers trust, that is exciting and that makes our collaborators, partners and suppliers proud; a company that serves as an example for other companies in terms of ethical behavior and promotion of sustainable practices. A company that shows leadership and commitment for the development of nearby communities and of future generations.

How we work

If we were to change our organization's social ends, one thing would stay the same: our people.

The heart of San Arawa is on people. They are the engine for all of our endeavors. Supporting their development and walking with them to help them fulfill their goals and dreams is part of the essence of our company.

This is why we work continuously to develop relationvessels of trust, positive leadership that sets clear objectives for teams, and excitement over a job well done and done on time.


With this vision in mind, our mission consists of the following:

Providing top-quality seafood products, by applying the strictest standards for sustainable management.

Having an ethical, transparent behavior that inspires trust in our way of doing things.

Being a profitable company with a capacity for continued growth, so that our current and future partners will continue to invest.

Fostering a stimulating, respectful work environment, managing the development of our staff.

Being a valued, respected referent for our industry and the community in which we work, investing resources and time for the development of mutual projects.

Aspiring to excellence in everything we do, giving value to teamwork, commitment and honesty.

Our Values

These values set the tone for the relationvessels we build, and point to what we believe in and what creates our identity.

  • Teamwork
  • Mutual respect
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Giving back
  • Quality of our work
  • Commitment
  • Customer focus
  • Continuous improvement
  • Caring for the environment

The San Arawa difference

There are certain characteristics that distinguish San Arawa from other world fish product suppliers:

  • Its founder and President has been working in the commercialization of Argentine seafood for 25 years, and he organized the company by carefully interpreting the needs of customers.
  • Two vessels were chosen and refurbished, searching for the most efficient way to guarantee top quality, both in catching and in processing the raw materials.
  • The latest technologies in the world for catching and processing fish were installed in the vessels.
  • The crew was thoroughly selected, not only with regards to their professional level, but also, and mainly, their human values.
  • An exceptional team was created, which is highly professional, highly committed, and feels proud to be a part of the company and to work each day to make sure our customers keep choosing us, day after day.