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Surimi (fish paste) is a Japanese word for a food product commonly turned into seafood. Surimi is pure fish protein obtained from the best parts of fish.

San Arawa's surimi is made from hoki or Southern blue whiting, which is washed and pressed to obtain a concentrated fish paste. This paste is frozen, and the client unfreezes it to turn it into simulated seafood such as king crab, scallops, shrimp and lobster.

Is all surimi the same?

The quality of surimi varies according to different variables, such as species, seasonal/physiological variations, quality of the raw fish (freshness) and different factors of the manufacturing system (such as the catch method, etc.).

In San Arawa, we manufacture surimi from two white fish species:

Southern blue whiting Surimi

(Micromesistius australis)

Classification: SA, FA, FAO, AA, KA and B.

Master box of 20 Kg. (2x10 Kg.)

Hoki Surimi

(Macruronus magellanicus)

Classification : FA, FAO, AA, KA and B.

Master box of 20 Kg. (2x10 Kg.)

Hoki surimi is good quality, comparable to Alaska Pollock surimi, and is used for high-end products.


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