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We are dedicated to providing top-quality products and personalized service to our customers.

San Arawa catches and processes on board several species of delicious fish from the Argentine Sea. This assures the high quality of our products, which consist of:

Renowned throughout the world, our products guarantee the highest levels of quality, food safety and sustainability.

Frozen at sea

When fishing products are processed and frozen on board of factory vessels, the end product is frozen within a few hours of catching.

This fish that is processed and frozen at sea is always absolutely the best quality, and sometimes it is even called "fresher than fresh".

What assurance do you get?

When you by San Arawa fish, you have the assurance that the product is:

  • Top quality.
  • Perfectly frozen before packing.
  • Packed on the day of catching.
  • Handled by quality-trained personnel.
  • Packed at an authorized plant.
  • Legally caught from responsibly managed fish stocks.
  • Traceable back to the vessel, with catching and packing date.