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The ocean is our future, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

San Arawa is committed to sustainable management of fishing resources, and supports responsible management practices, backed by the latest scientific research.

As of January 1, 2010, the Federal Fishery Council of Argentina (CFP, in Spanish) established a management system by Individual Transferrable Quotas (ITQ) for fifteen years, and assigning an initial quota for each vessel. This system has transformed the management of hoki, Southern blue whiting and Patagonian toothfish fisheries, making it more stable, transparent and foreseeable.

The main concentrations of hoki and Southern blue whiting are located south of the 49˚ parallel, whereas about 95% of the Argentina trawler fleet operates north of that parallel, catching mostly hake, squid and shrimp.

Weather conditions south of the 49˚ parallel are very unfavorable, and high power vessels (above 4,000 HP) are required in order to operate continually throughout the year. In Argentina, only four fishing vessels meet those requirements, and two are owned by our company.

In both fisheries, it is not possible to catch the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) because of the lack of enough vessels focused on these species. Addition of new vessels is forbidden. Thus, it is to be expected that future catches of hoki will not be above 80,000 tons, and 25,000 tons of Southern blue whiting.

Both fishing resources are in a healthy biological situation, according to the assessments of the National Institute for Fisheries Research and Development (INIDEP, in Spanish).