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State-of-the-art factory vessel

San Arawa II is one of San Arawa's two specialized factory vessels. This large, well-equipped vessel catches and processes hoki and Southern blue whiting, mainly.

The catch is processed as soon as the fish is brought on board and it is frozen whole or in fillet, interleaved or IQF, and finally packaged to suite our clients' requirements. The result is top-quality fish from the cold, pure waters of the South Atlantic.

  • Characteristics:

    Fishing factory vessel.

  • Building date and site:

    1986, Norway.

  • Equipment:

    Main engine of 4.200 HP. Two 38-ton-each hydraulic winches and one 20-ton midwater winch. Length: 62 m.

  • Crew:

    50 people.

  • Catch:

    Hoki, Southern blue whiting, ling, Australis hake, silver warehou, Patagonian cod, pompano and grenadier.

  • Catch capacity:

    13,000 tons a year.

  • Main production:

    Boneless, defatted, frozen hoki fishblock.

  • Manufacturing capacity:

    45 tons of fillet block a day.

  • Hold capacity:

    675 tons of finished products.

Unique in its class

The "San Arawa II" factory was redesigned and fully rebuilt four times, with the sole purpose of preparing hoki fillet and block of the highest possible quality. Unlike other towing filleting vessels in Argentina, which work with hake (Merluccius hubbsi) and hoki (Macruronus magallanicus), the factory of "San Arawa II" was built solely for producing skinless, boneless hoki fillet.

"San Arawa II" is the only fishing vessel in Argentina that catches hoki and processes it on board all year round.

The Argentine fishing masters of the San Arawa II trained in New Zealand. There, they learnt why short towing and high quality of fish are so important for obtaining the quality of the products the market requires.

Our workers at the "San Arawa II" factory were trained, and are still trained, by professionals from New Zealand.

The "San Arawa II" factory can produce up to 45 tons of top-quality skinless, boneless hoki block, without compromising quality for volume.

The "San Arawa II" crew is motivated, committed, and is proud to produce the highest-quality hoki block in South America, according to the opinions of our clients.