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State-of-the-art factory vessel

Tai An is one of San Arawa's specialized factory vessels. This large, well-equipped vessel catches and processes hoki and Southern blue whiting, mainly.

The catch is processed as soon as the fish is brought on board and it is frozen whole or in fillet, interleaved or IQF, and finally packaged to suit our clients' requirements. The result is top-quality fish from the cold, pure waters of the South Atlantic.

  • Characteristics:

    The vessel is equipped with a flexible platform for manufacturing of fishblock, surimi, HGT fish, and fishmeal. Starting in September 2008, major structural reforms took place.

  • Building date and site:

    1981, Japan.

  • Conversion date:


  • Equipment:

    Main engine 5250 HP. Length: 100 m. Two 55-ton-each Rolls-Royce electrical winches, and two 40-ton-each midwater winches.

  • Crew:

    85 people.

  • Catch:

    hoki and Southern blue whiting.

  • Catch capacity:

    18,000 tons a year.

  • Manufactures:

    surimi, hoki block, HGT fish and fishmeal.

  • Manufacturing capacity:

    85 tons of surimi or 50 tons of fillet block and 9 tons of fishmeal a day.

  • Hold capacity:

    1,250 tons of frozen products and 300 tons of fishmeal.